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'I love the idea behind Talk to me London. What an innovative and fun way to encourage Londoners to talk to each other.’

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Talk to me is all about finding ways for people to talk to each other. We believe that so many good things - big or small - can happen from a simple conversation between strangers. We know that talking brings about many benefits, from a greater sense of wellbeing, to friendlier communities and increased opportunities. Think about it - just one conversation can inspire us, reassure us or brighten up our day.

We want to create more of these situations by encouraging conversations between people that wouldn’t usually talk. One of our solutions is the Talk to me badge, which shows others that you won't bite and that you’re up for a chat -- thus breaking down barriers that often keep us silent. Other solutions include bringing together people who don’t know each other to sit down to eat a meal together, and ‘Talk to me takeovers’ where we takeover the format of a normal activities, e.g. a pub quiz, so that we can get more people talking. We tested out these ideas during Talk to me SE London Week in New Cross last year, and are currently working on a London-wide day, which will be held on Saturday 30th August 2014! 

Through our work, we want to start a movement to get London, and other cities talking. We want people to understand that simple conversations can create social change by reducing isolation, improving wellbeing and strengthening communities. We want to put the importance of talking on the agenda. We'd love you to join us in doing so! Sign up to our newsletter or support us on kickstarter if you'd like to be involved.